NCLab 3D Printing Service

NCLab 3D Printing Service

NCLab 3D Printing Service (U.S. only)


Starting with Basic Plan, NCLab users can benefit from a complimentary non-profit 3D printing service that we have established to support your creativity. You will pay just for the material and shipping, which on average is 50% less compared to ShapeWays or iMaterialize. This applies to your own designs only – we do not sell pre-printed 3D designs for profit.

How Does It Work?

It is very simple. First of all, create a great 3D design in NCLab using PLaSM. Look here how to start. Also, there are many public designs in the database that you can clone into your account and tweak as you wish.

Need help? You are welcome to use our Live Chat but also make sure to open the textbook we wrote for you. If you like geometry, we promise that you will find 3D solid modeling extremely easy, exciting, and rewarding.

Next, either share your design with the user “nclab” or save the STL file to your hard disk and post it somewhere to the web, and send us a link. Do not send STL files as email attachments, they tend to be very large files. Our email is support(at)nclab(dot)com.

We will check the STL file for correctness, measure the volume, and send you a quotation. The price for white plastic is $10 per cubic inch, and the volume is rounded up to half inches. Handling and shipping is $10 per order. Currently, we ship to U.S. mailing addresses only.